Guitar / Backing vocals
Monastery Dead is a death metal band of Russian origin formed in 2004 by Vadim Nikolaev. For today the band has three albums, three singles and one official music video. Since the day of its foundation Monastery Dead performs gigs countrywide and abroad sharing the stage with such monsters as Haemorrhage, Dying Fetus, Fleshless, Amagortis, Debauchery and many others.
The first lineup was as follows:
Anton Dubov - Vocals
Alexey Pishikin - Guitars
Vadim Nikolaev - Bass
Artur Fedorov - Drums

In 2009 Vadim meets Kirill Zharikov (drums), who becomes the second constant member of the band. That very year the band releases its debut album called "Victims Of Senseless Massacre" at Moscow label Musica Production.

In 2011 Anton Dubov (vocals) leaves the band. Daria Semikhatova comes to do his job and in 2012 Monastery Dead releases its second album named "Cold and Gloom" which turns out to be extremely successful and gets a lot of positive feedback.

Shortly after the second release Monastery Dead is left by Alexey Pishikin (guitars) who decides to give up music according to his personal reasons and since that time the band has only one guitar player, Roman Kondratjev who was invited to take part in a band as a session musician a couple of years before.

Daria Semikhatova also leaves Monastery Dead after the presentation of its second album having a lack of time for the band's activities and the project renews its lineup inviting Anton Malov to perform vocals and Kirill Tatarinov for a second guitar. Monastery Dead proceeds performing and composing new material without any lineup changes for several months, but decides to get a constant guitar player for Roman Kondratjev's place and invites Gleb Rusakov who leaves the band shortly before the work on the new release starts.

In 2015 Monastery Dead records and releases its third album named “Black Gold Appetite” which was inspired by the anticipation of the third world war and dedicated to the revelation of undisguised human vices. While the work was in progress, the vacant place of the second guitar player was occupied by Nikita Volkov. The album was released at four Russian labels at once and got a powerfull feedback of the genre’s connoisseurs countrywide and abroad.

After several gigs dedicated to the new release Nikita Volkov leaves the band and in 2016 Monastery Dead goes on tour and performs as a quartet again. In autumn 2016 the vacancy in occupied by Anton Mamrukov.

In January 2017 Monastery Dead records and releases an new single "Mindscars".

In December 2018 Monastery Dead releases the next single named "Devoured by the Booze" and is left by Anton Mamrukov shortly after that. Since that tha band ultimately decides to be a quartet.

In December 2019 Monastery Dead releases a new single and music video Bloodshot.

Today Monastery Dead has a lot of plans for the future composing the new material has constant booking offers and gets new experience.
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